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Free Desktop Stock Ticker 3.01

Free Desktop Stock Ticker 3.01: A free desktop stock ticker provides real-time prices in a smooth display. can easily find a free desktop stock ticker on the internet, but there are very few that match the quality seen scrolling across a TV screen. This stock ticker gives you that quality. With dual panels, smooth scrolling, attractive graphics, and many customizable features, this free desktop stock ticker allows you to monitor the markets while you work on your computer during the day. And if you don`t want the ticker taking up space on your desktop

 Free Desktop Fish Screensaver 1.7.0: Watch 3D fish swimming around in your own desktop background.
Free Desktop Fish Screensaver 1.7.0

Free Desktop Fish Screensaver lets you watch 3D fish swimming around in your own desktop background with bubbles,sound and water ripple effect.This screensavers is freeware and do not contain any adware,that should work with all Windows versions(Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000). Features Include: Real time 3D fish. Realistic fish movement. Use your own desktop as the background. bubbles and sound. Auto ripple effect. Increase/Decrease ripple count. Auto

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Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1: FREE Sticky notes software for Windows. Sticky notes freeware. Post notes free.
Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1

FREE sticky notes software to keep information on PC desktop. You can create desktop sticky notes using different fonts, colors; post notes on desktop, modify desktop sticky notes, organize sticky notes, automatically save sticky notes, create sticky notes with different priorities, lock sticky notes. Free note taking software to send sticky notes over LAN/Internet. Download note taking freeware to organize your info - Sticky Notes freeware.

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Desktop Sticky Notes Free 3.2

Desktop sticky notes freeware to keep information on the computer desktop. Friendly user interface lets you start using this free sticky note program within minutes. You can create, edit and print desktop sticky notes using different fonts, colors (support *.rtf format ); modify sticky note settings; automatically save sticky notes; create sticky notes with different priorities, lock sticky notes. Free desktop sticky notes organizer.

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Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58: Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translate application.
Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58

With free Google Translate Desktop, you can easily get the online translation without a browser. You are able to freely read foreign articles, communicate with foreign friends on facebook or twitter, learn foreign languages, view foreign websites and write emails in foreign languages. Google Translate Desktop takes very little space and you don`t need to install it on your PC like other desktop translators.

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Youtube App for Pokki 3: Watch and discover billions of YouTube videos from your PC with this desktop app
Youtube App for Pokki 3

free Youtube desktop app for your Windows PC. Watch and share the latest YouTube Videos, right from your desktop. Access billions of videos from the world`s most popular online video community one-click away with the real-time notifications, directly from your desktop with this free desktop app for Pokki! This YouTube desktop app is made possible by Pokki, free software that brings a modern app experience for hundreds of free apps and games to your

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Custom Skin Clock 1.5: Custom Skin Clock is a free customizable analog clock located on the desktop.
Custom Skin Clock 1.5

desktop. Install your favorite pictures, photos of your family, dog, friends, unforgettable moments of your vacation or just a favorite picture on the clock face. The clock with your picture will be located on your desktop without interfering with your work. Custom Skin Clock is a FREE customizable analog clock located on the desktop. This elegant modern clock will make your desktop more interactive. You can easily move the clock on the desktop,

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